D.A.T. Projects

In May 2008, the Design Stanwood Board of Directors updated a vision statement for Stanwood. The vision includes the following, with priorities not yet established:

  • Development of parks and pathways in Stanwood, including riverfront and links with Camano Island
  • Civic Commons – located between East and West Stanwood. City Hall, Library
  • Community Center, Park, Deli / Coffee Shop
  • Central Market, including a tie to local agriculture
  • Economic Development in close proximity to the train station
  • Hotel – possibly in the Viking Village area
  • City Hall could be used by the Camwood Theatre. It’s important to preserve the building.
  • Historical District – develop
  • Shore access. Need more in Snohomish County.
  • Downtown restrooms - across from Police Department
  • Downtown Pocket Park
  • Parking on south side of downtown area, promote traffic flow, link with 532
  • Transportation flow - one of the most important issues
  • City to have a design review committee
  • Medical Center / Urgent Care

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