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The mission of Design Stanwood Inc. is to encourage a vital downtown core by advocating for the community, providing long range vision, and partnering with groups and agencies to bring about change in a manner that honors Stanwood’s past and builds a cohesive, attractive community for the future.
About Design Stanwood Inc.

What is Design Stanwood?...
In conjunction with the City of Stanwood's comprehensive plan now under consideration, Design Stanwood Inc. has been a joint effort by concerned citizens to create a DAT, or Design Assistance Team. A DAT program is a program under the auspices of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) in which a group of interested and qualified architects are invited to study a city or town's needs and suggest ways to direct growth, stimulate business and present a new vision for the future.

Who is Design Stanwood?...
We are a group of dedicated Stanwood and Camano Island citizens working together to reach back into our history and move forward into the future - to make downtown Stanwood an exciting, more inclusive business core, a place that is ready for growth and change in order to serve our communities better.

For almost one hundred years, Stanwood has been many special things, not the least of which is two rather distinct places that share common ground but speak to different needs in our communities and resonate with different voices. We feel it is time to bring these different entities together in a sympathetic unity with a design that bespeaks our rich and vital history while utilizing its distinctive strengths.

Who is Involved?...
Design Stanwood is each of us. It is a vehicle by which we can come together and effect change. To make it happen, we will need your help. Join Now.

What Will It Mean To Me?...
It means that Stanwood had the opportunity to become a more energetic, more cohesive and comprehensive municipality, serving its citizens' needs better, giving each of us a new sense of place.

What Kinds of Changes Were Suggested?
A number of exciting ideas were presented to us by the DAT team. Now it's up to us as a community to decide what and how we will implement them. Ideas included: a new library, community center and city hall in a central downtown core add historic street signs and signage directing people to different parts of town bring back a train station to Stanwood enhance our existing historic and mainstreet areas.

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